Monday, July 26, 2010

Desk Chair Upgrade

I started with a navy blue task chair which...didn't really fit in with my decor. This is a SUPER cheap, SUPER easy upgrade. I picked up some white and flesh tone duct tape, and 30 minutes later had a much more interesting desk chair.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


So, my roomies and I are hanging four canvases over our couch. The only guidlines for each one: use bright colors, paint your first initial.
Here we go. I put down a layer of elmers glue mixed with water. Then I put down a layer of book pages over the whole canvas. Then a layer of confetti. Then two layers of tissues paper, and and a coat of peach paint, with glue between each layer. Then I made an "E" template and placed it on the canvas. I sponge painted over the whole thing with purple and then removed the "E" template. Tada!

Up-cycled Medusa Lamp

Before. Typical dorm lamp.
I took the shades off and spray painted the lamp white. Then I did a paper-mache type project for the globes. I coated some crochet thread in Elmer's glue and wrapped it around a balloon. When the glue dried, the string was rigid, so I popped the balloons and....globes!