Friday, June 3, 2011

So, have you ever walked into Dollar Tree, approached the shelves of ceramics, and wondered....who buys this stuff?!

It's me. I do.

The red and green bird were just too enticing to pass up, with their beady black eyes. Unattractive, they were, but I'm telling you- acrylic paint fixes everything.
I'm all about functional, but these are strictly decorative because I like birds and I LOVE yellow.

Oh yeah, p.s. yellow and gray together is my new addiction.

Paint.....On hand



  1. So by now you have figured out that you need to take a class in accounting, business and marketing for when you OPEN YOUR OWN SHOP; an irresistible collection of Elena-made and Elena-esque decorative accessories for home and body.
    You are clear on this?

  2. I LOVE these! I am going to go get some for my wedding :) You are awesome girl...Im praying for your trip this summer.