Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kid Craft 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, I couldn't be more pleased to introduce to you our next guest crafter: Katie Breitenbach, everyone!
We've been crafting together since childhood.
Well, actually I think this is the only instance.

Anyways, leave it to Katie, my little school teacher, to make me the best kid craft yet.

She knows hot air balloons are my obsession. Mmmm.

Love you back, Dispose-all!

Kid Craft 1

The term "kid craft" is strictly relative. No kids were involved in the making of these pumpkins. But it WOULD be a fun fall idea to do with the younger crowd.....or not :D

It was necessary to show off our work. Crafters: Emily Bennett, Will Cobb, Zach Balkom, Elena Henson