Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kid Craft 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, I couldn't be more pleased to introduce to you our next guest crafter: Katie Breitenbach, everyone!
We've been crafting together since childhood.
Well, actually I think this is the only instance.

Anyways, leave it to Katie, my little school teacher, to make me the best kid craft yet.

She knows hot air balloons are my obsession. Mmmm.

Love you back, Dispose-all!


  1. Hi Elena! Not to sound stalker-ish, but we check your blog every few days (and have for the past year or so) just to see if you have posted anything new. We just decided to start our own blog and thought of you! Its less craft-y and more cook-y, but we thought you might like it! -adam and eva (hartwig) matthews

  2. oh my goshhhhh! you are just wonderful!! congratulations to you both, and i can't wait to stalk your blog!!!