Sunday, March 18, 2012

Basket Weaving: Haiti Installation

So, this is my basket installation.

The center of these baskets are coasters made by Haitian women. I purchased them when I traveled to the country of Haiti shortly after the earthquake.

The center basket is unfinished because it represents the people of Haiti that were going about their daily routine and were drastically interrupted by the quake.

I have a Haitian friend, Esther, who was in a coffee shop getting a latte when the earthquake took place. Everyone in the coffee shop died, except Esther.

Haiti is still intrenched in turmoil. Families are still learning how to do life without their homes, and family members that they lost during the disaster.

Material: Wood Reed, Thread

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  1. seriously, thats beautiful. Its a wonderful idea and its very well done. your crafts are becoming art!