Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Almost-iPhone-Case

I wouldn't be an honest craft blogger if I didn't post about a failed craft every once in a while. If I posted all my failed crafts I wouldn't have a social life, but this one was so close.....yet so far.
Here is an iPhone 3 case that I purchased from Walmart. Begging to be personalized!
This is some silk that I dyed using Shibori dye methods and dark green acid dye. Chose this for my classy best friend who bleeds Kappa Delta green. I used a mixture of washable glue and water to secure the fabric to the case. It actually adhered to the semi-flexible case nicely, which surprised me. . . Once it was dry I coated it in an acrylic gloss top coat...........THAT CRACKED.
Stop. Why did it crack? Back to the drawing board.
See that crack?
Say no to crack.